Gadbin-George, G., Gibson-Morgan, E. (Eds) (2019). UK and France : Friends or Foes?- (Trans) cultural and legal unions and disunions

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UK and France: Friends or Foes? - (Trans) cultural and legal unions and disunions. Géraldine Gadbin-George, Elizabeth Gibson-Morgan
2019, Le Manuscrit
ISBN: 978-2-304-04780-6



At a time of major changes in the United Kingdom and to a lesser extent in France, induced by the proposed Brexit process, this collective work – composed of thirteen chapters from highly experienced academics and specialist professionals from both sides of the Channel – examines their consequences on the French and British relationship in a range of institutional, political, legal, economic, cultural but also strategic and defence-related fields with an emphasis on comparative and/or European points of view.



Part 1. Historical aspects of the relationship between France and the United Kingdom

Chapter 1. Lord Kenneth O. Morgan: Partnerships and Perfidy; the Entente in War and Peace 1904 – 2020
Chapter 2. Antoine Capet (Emeritus Professor, Rouen Univ.): “We are with Europe but not of it”: Churchill’s legacy in Britain’s attitude to “Europe”.

Part 2. Constitutional aspects of the relationship between France and the United Kingdom  

Chapter 3. Aurélien Antoine (Saint Etienne Univ.): Rule of Law and “État de Droit”: comparing British and French concepts of Law
Chapter 4. Andrew Blick (King’s College London): Brexit and the destabilisation of the United Kingdom constitution

Part 3. Political questions on the relationship between France and the United Kingdom:  security and defence

Chapter 5. Vice-Admiral Patrick Chevallereau: What will be the impact of Brexit on the Defence and Security of Europe?
Chapter 6. Elizabeth Sheppard Sellam (Tours Univ.): Counterterrorism and intelligence sharing in a post Brexit world?
Chapter 7. Thibaud Harrois (Sorbonne Nouvelle Univ.): Defence and Security Cooperation after Brexit: Towards a Redefinition of Franco-British Relations?

Part 4. Economic and social issues of the relationship between France and the United Kingdom

Chapter 8. Matthias Kelly (Queen’s Counsel): Is the effective enforcement of European-wide social and economic values possible after Brexit?
Chapter 9. Hywel Ceri Jones (former Director of the European Commission’s Task Force for human resources, education, training and youth): Origins, Development and Future of the ERASMUS programme
Chapter 10. Anémone Kober-Smith (Paris 13 Univ.): The healthcare issue during and after the In/Out EU referendum campaign of 2016

Part 5. Relationship between France and Nations with devolved powers

Chapter 11. Stéphanie Bory (Lyon 3 Univ.): Wales v France: Sports foes but political and economic friends
Chapter 12. Philippe Cauvet (Poitiers Univ.): A Democratic Critique of Referendums in France and in the United Kingdom
Chapter 13. Juliette Ringeisen-Biardeaud (Panthéon-Assas Univ.): A new alliance against an auld foe? Scottish paradiplomacy in France and in Europe

Auteur Gadbin-George, Géraldine, Gibson-Morgan Elizabeth
Année de publication 2019