Members of the Executive Committee as of 20th March 2016 (partially renewed/elected on 18th March 2016)

  • Caroline Peynaud - Université Grenoble Alpes: Secretary-General
  • Geneviève Bordet– Paris Diderot: membership database and national outreach
  • Shirley Carter-Thomas – Mines-Télécom, Évry: Research
  • Marie-Agnès Détourbe – INSA Toulouse: membership follow-up and national outreach
  • Séverine Wozniak – Université Grenoble Alpes: international relations and monitoring epistemological developments
  • Fanny Domenec – Université Paris II: Treasurer
  • Catherine Colin – ENS Paris-Saclay: Webmaster
  • Michel Van der Yeught –Aix-Marseille University: President

Executive Office

  • President: Michel Van der Yeught
  • Treasurer: Fanny Domenec
  • Secretary-General: Caroline Peynaud

Executive Committee Task Officers

  • Anthony Saber: Editor-in-chief of ASp
  • Monique Mémet: Editor of electronic edition of ASp
  • Séverine Wozniak: Archivist

Members at large

  • Michel Perrin: Honorary president
  • Michel Petit: Honorary president
  • Jean-Claude Bertin: Honorary president
  • Annick Rivens Mompean: President of RANACLES
  • Laure-Line Ribaud and Sylvie Gautier: Heads of Health Special Interest Group
  • Marion Charret-Del Bove: Head of Law Special Interest Group
  • Cédric Sarré and Shona Whyte: Heads of Didactics and ESP Special Interest Group